Our family loves to farm! Especially old school farming. Pre-WWII style. Long before the advent of petroleum and chemical fertilizers, fertility was driven by rotating animals on land, compost, and working with nature instead of against her.

Rather than depleting and mining the soil of nutrients, soil quality was built up. We aim to do the same.

Workin in Concert with Mother Nature

We pay attention to details and believe in quality over quantity.

Rather than grow a mono crop which is hard on the environment, we take a symbiotic approach working in concert with nature to build up rich soil, invite diverse beneficial insects, and capitalize on the cross benefits diversity brings that can’t be put in a test tube.

Our Angus beef is grass-fed from start to finish. Our chicken boilers and layers are rotated on pasture behind cattle where they can run and scratch and eat all the bugs and grass they can find. Our pork is an heirloom breed of Berkshire prized for highly marbleized meat which chefs prefer for superior flavor. Our produce is raised without insecticides and chemical anything. Our apple cider is not the typical one apple variety, but rather a custom mix of 12 creating a deeper more complex flavor.