Experience the farm life with us at one of our Saturday Work Parties.

Earn OBF store credits and learn valuable farming skills.

Our work party jobs will vary greatly depending on the season and what needs attention.

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Find out what jobs we will be doing on select Saturdays from rom April – October.

    Learn While You Earn:
    • Use of cover crops, green manures, animal manures and crop rotations to fertilize the soil, maximize biological activity and maintain long-term soil health.
    • Use of biological control, crop rotations and other techniques to manage weeds, insects and diseases. An emphasis on biodiversity of the agricultural system and the surrounding environment.
    • Using rotational grazing and mixed forage pastures for livestock operations and alternative health care for animal wellbeing.
    • Reduction of external and off-farm inputs and elimination of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers and other materials, such as hormones and antibiotics.
    • A focus on renewable resources, soil and water conservation, and management practices that restore, maintain and enhance ecological balance.
    • Earn Farm Credits

    Our family loves to farm! Especially old school farming. Pre-WWII style. Long before the advent of petroleum and chemical fertilizers, fertility was driven by rotating animals on land, compost, and working with nature instead of against her.

    Rather than depleting and mining the soil of nutrients, soil quality was built up. We aim to do the same.